Fido Phone
Fido Phone

Flag suspicious activity

Spot malicious activity and suspicious user configurations by identifying VPNs, emulators, spoofing tools, and more.

Accurate identification

Pull together multiple browser-specific signals and combined data to create detailed visitor profiles.

Prevent account takeovers

Reduce the risk of ATO by comparing the used browser fingerprint with the account owner’s browser configuration.


Discover our browser analytics

Simply add a small JavaScript snippet to your website or web-app. Fido Browser will automatically identify suspicious sessions and provide you with actionable scores, with no coding required.

Fido Browser in action!

Fido Browser provides detailed information about the user’s browser setup to help you minimize risk, identify suspicious configurations and flag malicious activity.

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Discover how Fido Browser works and how you can take advantage of its data to improve your business.

In-dept browser insights with no coding

Fido Browser