Lead scoring for Automotive

Eliminating guesswork from the lead verification process with Fido has helped MotorK improve turnaround times as well as their bottom line.
Case Study: MotorK

About MotorK

Convenience is the number one priority for most modernday customers. With a more sizeable investment, such as purchasing a car, convenience is the factor that transforms the decision-making process into a much easier, stressfree one. MotorK is an online platform that helps customers buy their dream car at the best possible price available, with no hassle involved. The site comes with a wide array of filters to help potential buyers narrow down their search in a matter of a few clicks and ask for a quote (or even a test drive), at no cost whatsoever. They put the prospective buyer in touch with the nearest official dealer and the rest is history. This straightforward, free process makes the platform exceptionally popular, and customers are eager to rely on MotorK when looking for their next ride.

Using Fido has been a game-changer for us. Now that we see actual day to day implications of a custom lead scoring model on our everyday efficiency and performance, we could hardly imagine going back to doing business the way we did before Fido.

Francesco Sala
Head of DriveK, MotorK

The Challenge

Identify legitimate requests, accurately and quickly.

To provide this amazing free service to customers, MotorK has a highly effective business model that lets them profit from passing on qualified leads to agents in official dealerships. This win-win relationship only works if:

MotorK sends over genuine customer quotes and requests.

The dealer obtains a verified lead they can convert.

While it sounds simple enough in theory, the process is slightly more complicated in practice. The simple and convenient request form on the MotorK platform asks for the interested party’s email address and phone number. The platform inherently has no way of determining the validity of each person’s contact information and the quote itself. That means that agents end up with all the requests in bulk, sifting through them one by one. Some of them turn out not to be legitimate, which means the lead isn’t profitable for either MotorK or the dealer. That time could have been spent on interacting with genuinely interested buyers waiting to hear back on their quote.

The Solution

A trusted scoring model to verify leads.

As a business that appreciates simplicity, MotorK recognized the potential of Fido’s unique lead scoring model for resolving their own issue. Fido has the capacity to operate in the background, without affecting the user experience on the platform itself. That allows Fido to process the basic digital signals and information – such as the email address and phone number – without changing the request process in the slightest.

Here’s how it works:

  • Fido’s API integrates seamlessly into the MotorK platform for their Italian, German, French, and Spanish markets, allowing them to retain the same convenient request form and overall experience. No need for added steps or fill-out forms to annoy or disrupt the customer journey.
  • With easy access to each customer’s provided contact information and digital footprint, Fido uses its bespoke lead scoring model to verify the validity of that data – to ascertain if the email and the phone are correct and if they belong to the person filing the request.
  • The MotorK platform can now send over only verified leads to dealers, enabling the agents to focus 100% of their time and skills on serving customers who are genuinely looking to purchase a car.

The Impact

Smarter resource management, cost reductions, consistent ux

Considering how important the decision to invest in a car can be for an individual, MotorK knows the significance of ensuring safe and timely interactions for all parties involved. Fido is an essential piece of that puzzle and it has been empowering the MotorK platform’s growth from day one of their collaboration.

MotorK now has stronger dealership relationships thanks to their ability to send over only high-quality leads that are most likely to convert.

Both MotorK and dealers have better turnaround times for every processed request, which translates to happier customers that know they are taken care of.

MotorK continues to rely on Fido’s lead scoring model to qualify leads in Italy, Germany, France, and Spain. So far, the collaboration has delivered the following results, with much more to come:


Bad leads
A 10% reduction in bad leads on a monthly basis, eliminating thousands of unnecessary calls each month.


Qualified leads
The agents themselves now have access to 100% qualified leads and waste no time on requests with inaccurate information.